• Bulk Cleaning
    Cleans and grades cereal crops whilst separating from screenings. Speciality is achieved by screening, cylinder separation,  gravity separation and optical sorting. (throughput for wheat, approx. 6-10 tonnes per hour)
  • Bulk Colour Separation
    Screening and precise digital colour separation of contaminants. Primarily used for ergot removal from cereals (throughput for wheat, approx. 6-10 tonnes per hour).
  • Modified Gravity Cleaning (eg Beans & Peas)
    Speciality cleaning for pulses (throughput 1-3 tonnes per hour)
  • Paddy Table                                                                                                                                                         Used for sample improvement in cereals. Barley - long awn removal, Wheat - husk & hull removal. 
  • Needle Separation                                                                                                                                              For removal of hollowed and cracked pulse grains.