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Company Announcement
From the 1st May 2024 Helen Middlebrook will become Operations Director for the company.

This role will involve making business-based decisions along side her production & accounts roles already held at Alan W Page & Co (Seeds) Ltd.

This appointment comes at a time when the company continues to move forward and looks to the future.

With this role comes a company Directorship.
The Managing Director will both offer advice and support to Helen.

We all wish Helen every success in her newly elevated position at Alan W Page & Co (Seeds) Ltd

H J Page
Managing Director
Alan W Page & Co (Seeds) Ltd

Based at Pointon, Lincolnshire, in the heart of the East Midlands farming region, Alan W Page & Co are independent agricultural cereal & pulse processors.
We have served the seed requirements of farmers and the industry alike since we started trading in 1959 providing high grade seed to both merchants and farmers nationwide.

As of January 2022 we are now concentrating on cleaning and treating both Farm Saved and As Grown cereal and pulse seed soley.

As seed processors we pride ourselves in our high quality seed cleaning and our efficient delivery service. Our aim is to provide the best services, of the highest quality, when the customer requires, at an affordable price.

We are more than just seed cleaners and treaters, we can add added value to your parcels of grain and pulses. We can provide cleaning and treating services of both bulk and smaller seed lots, organise haulage both in and out, and we also offer a full range of laboratory tests, all of which can be tailored to your individual needs.